About the fund

The David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe is implementing in Ukraine a program of mental rehabilitation of the population affected by the war. The program that has been implemented since 2005 is the official program of rehabilitation of the US military and is part of the psychological rehabilitation group of the military approved by the Pentagon. In addition, we plan to implement programs of mental rehabilitation of other populations, in particular: temporarily displaced persons (civilians), with focus on women and children, persons are released from captivity, persons whose professions have critical psychological load (volunteers, military psychologists, physicians , SES employees, employees in other rehabilitation programs). This work is indefinite, but is measured by annual segments.

The main representation of David Lynch Charitable Foundation in Eastern Europe.

The Foundation, founded by a well -known film director and works with people at risk to improve their health, cognitive abilities, productivity, relief from stress and phobias through transcendental meditation.

This technique has already helped more than ten million people in 192 countries.

The population at risk suffers from high levels of chronic stress and associated stress disorders. This situation contributes to violence, crime and significant health care costs, as well as violates the effectiveness of educational, medical, rehabilitation and professional programs.

Since the establishment in 2005 in the United States, the David Lynch Foundation has helped introduce transcendental meditation techniques for more than 500,000 children and adults around the world. By link, you will find more detailed information on https://www.tm.org/

The history of the fund

In 2005, director David Lynch founded a charity organization aimed at spreading transcendental meditation techniques in schools. Later, the target audience of the Fund expanded – it included “risk groups”, that is, homeless, prisoners, war veterans and refugees from Africa.

In 2007, the David Lynch Foundation was founded in Eastern Europe with a center in Kiev.

Since 2016, the Foundation has been active in Ukraine’s transcendental meditation of ATO veterans and their families, orphans, women who have suffered from violence and others.

Training of ATO veterans, members of their families, military psychologists, volunteers was conducted in Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Korosten and Kiev. They collaborated with veterans  and volunteer centers that help ATO veterans.

Our mission

David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe helps to prevent and eradicate the problem of injuries and toxic stress among risk groups, facilitating the widespread implementation of a scientifically sound transcendental meditation program (TM) to improve the health of the population, cognitive abilities and productivity in life.

Our goal is to enable everyone to learn how to deal with stress, aggression and improve psychological health through transcendental meditation.

Our vision

Working in partnership with the international community of specially trained instructors, the David Lynch Foundation will become a global catalyst for adopting a transcendental meditation program (TM) by individuals and institutions through:

  • Establishing a basic understanding of the effects of transcendental meditation among government leaders, health, education, media and business, as well as the general public
  • Funds to implement TM pilot programs in institutions that serve risk groups
  • Ensuring the institutional implementation of the TM program on national and international basis
  • Financing an independent study of TM program for a deeper understanding of the broad influence of technique on mental potential, health and behavior

In Ukraine the fund helps:

  • To all who are in Ukraine in wartime;
  • military, ATO veterans and OOS,
  • people with PTSD syndrome and their families;
  • children with inclusivity and children with special needs;
  • women affected by home and gender-conditioned violence;
  • Alco and drug addicts and their families;
  • other unprotected population groups.

Most of the modern population suffers from high levels of chronic stress and stress -related disorders, which contributes to violence and crime, as well as undermines the effectiveness of educational, medical, rehabilitation and professional programs that are currently operating.

We organize and hold scientific and professional conferences on business, education, veterans, as well as meetings in governing bodies to inform the leaders and the general public about the benefits of meditation and good deeds of the Foundation. In addition, we finance research at universities and medical schools to assess the impact of the program on success, ADHD and other disorders of learning, anxiety, depression, abuse of psychoactive substances, cardiovascular disease, post-traumatic stress disorder and diabetes.