What is 77$ to you? What in today’s world would be worth 77$? What is the equivalent of this amount that you can remember?

Right now, in Ukraine, for millions of Ukrainians, this is the price of life. This is the price of a quiet normal life. This is the price of a normal communication with his family. This is the price of tranquility. This is the price of the ability to work, have rest and spend time normally. It is the price of being able not just to exist, but to have a full life.

According to the UN and WHO, as a result of Russia’s full scale war against Ukraine, by the end of 22 more than 10 million Ukrainians had psychological problems. For many this could escalate into PTSD. This is especially true for military personnel who are now defending their homeland.
It is in your power to restore peace, tranquillity and normalcy to one particular resident of Ukraine.
Transcendental meditation is one of the most effective techniques to combat PTSD.

Your donation of 77$ will enable us to run a 5-day course for a Ukrainians, and bring peace and tranquillity back to him and his family.
We ask you to join our charity project and become our donor. And while the war is still going on, we need to act now to keep this and future generations healthy.

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