The Harmony project

The Harmony Project was developed by the David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) together with The Harmony Project Foundation (Great Britain) and opens a new approach to the education of our children.

The Harmony Project Foundation (Great Britain) was founded by Richard Dunn, who developed an educational program for children, inspired by the book of Prince of Wales Charles (now King Charles III) “Harmony: A New Look at Our World”.

King Charles III is interested in the events taking place regarding this project in Ukraine.

Richard Dunn has worked as a teacher and head teacher for 30 years and he observed: “If students are given opportunities to manage their learning, to present their results creatively, and if they are valued for the variety of what they do, children will do well and feel good. It is important that this work is most inspiring when Nature is our teacher.”

The first school in Ukraine that started working under the “Harmony” project is the Midgard school.

In the near future, it is planned to implement this project in other schools.

The principles of harmony that we observe in Nature are used in teaching children.

One of the tools in teaching children is Transcendental Meditation.

The Harmony Project Foundation

Midgard School:

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