What happens during meditation and how this technique is different from other meditation techniques

Transcendental meditation allows the active mind to feel natural peace, a peaceful level of consciousness. During TM, the body feels deep rest, and the brain functions with much more coherence.

TM technique mines your excessively loaded mind, eliminates stress and fatigue, restoring energy. People who practice this technique achieve better success in both their profession and in everyday life.

Regular practice helps to “restart” and perform several tasks with more ease and focus. It helps to cope with difficulties, benefits people who can deal with serious illness, PTRC, diet or depression. This is the key to rest without any effort-a rest from dynamic roller coasters and a new way for self-improvement and spiritual growth.

How is transcendental meditation different from other meditation techniques?

Various meditation techniques have different influence on the brain, body and behavior.

Some techniques involve observing their thoughts or focusing on breathing or body. Others use concentration, visualization or try to clear thoughts. TM lets you go inside to feel the state of “active rest” or pure consciousness. Other meditation techniques support the activity of the mind at the superficial level of thought.

TM is not like it all – in fact it is quite different.

It does not need an effort

You do not need to strain, focus your attention or control your mind. In fact, lightness is the key to TM efficiency.

It has a scientific evidence base

More than 600 independent reviewed studies confirm that this technique relieves stress, promotes internal harmony and increases the clarity of reason and happiness. Studies show a number of advantages that were not in the studies of other meditation techniques.

TM technique is the only meditation technique that shows:

  • A persistent decrease in heart disease:
  • Normalization of blood pressure
  • Reduction of atherosclerosis
  • At least 48% of the reduction of attacks such as heart attacks and strokes.

TM technique is the most effective meditation for:

  • Reducing anxiety (twice as much as any other form of meditation)
  • A significant decrease in depression and stress
  • Reduction of drug, alcohol and cigarette
  • Increasing self-actualization (3 times more than any other meditation or relaxation technique)