What is transcendental meditation

Dozens of scientific works are devoted to the fight against stress, but you still do not find a magic pill in pharmacies from chronic fatigue? Do you know that you have potential, but not aware of how to open it? Do you look for extra hours a day to make it at least half planned? Balance between home, work, hobby and self -development, and fear not to have time, not cope – haunts and does not allow you to relax, recover?

 Many will say: is such a reality today. But what is the eternal engine contained in you? What is the price of productivity – only 20 minutes of your attention on a day? Sounds too good to believe? And thousands of people around the world – from Hollywood stars and heads of corporations to children and veterans – successfully use a tool for opening internal resources.

The technique of Transcendental Meditation is neither magic nor religion. This is a simple, understandable tool that allows you to use the forces of your body and mind so that the frantic pace of life ceases to be exhausting and becomes the pace of your achievements.

Transcendental meditation technique is the most researched in the world. Her research has been going on for over 40 years.

TM is a light and natural technique of self -improvement that allows our mind to delve into the middle, beyond thinking and feel the quiet and peaceful level of mind, your most secret I am.

The technique is practiced for twenty minutes twice a day, in a convenient pose with closed eyes. It is a simple, natural and easy -to -master technique that does not require the control of thoughts or concentration on something specific.

Transcendental Meditation Technique is a very simple and quick way of deep rest

During the TM technique, the mind and the body receive a deep, restorative rest – much deeper than normal relaxation. The practice significantly reduces the level of cortisol and lactate in plasma (main stress indicators). The healing rest obtained during each use of TM technique allows to relieve emotional, mental and physical stress, improving overall health, well -being and life as a whole.

More than 600 reviewed research and scientific reviews have shown that regular TM practice gives a wide range of personal advantages – reducing anxiety and depression, improving memory and clearer thinking, reducing high blood pressure, reducing diseases, lengthening life expectancy and more harmonious relationships with surrounding.

Comparative effect of Transcendental meditation