The Harmony project

The Harmony Project was developed by the David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe (Ukraine) together with The Harmony Project Foundation (Great Britain) and opens a new approach to the education of our children. The Harmony Project Foundation (Great Britain) was founded by Richard Dunn, who developed an educational program for children, inspired by the book […]

Project “scientific research on PTSD”

The David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), as well as the Maharishi Foundation in Ukraine (Ukraine), together with the For My Ukraine Foundation (Ukraine) and the American Institute for Research (USA) have started scientific research. During the war, the issue of rehabilitation of military personnel, volunteers, psychologists and all those returning from the combat […]

David Lynch’s message for peaceful people in the whole world

Only peace can give real changes and progress for humanity and the entire planet. To begin with, we need to achieve rest in the middle of yourself, our families and the nation. Only meditation can be a real source of rest and harmony for everyone in these transformational times.

What is transcendental meditation

Dozens of scientific works are devoted to the fight against stress, but you still do not find a magic pill in pharmacies from chronic fatigue? Do you know that you have potential, but not aware of how to open it? Do you look for extra hours a day to make it at least half planned? […]

What happens during meditation and how this technique is different from other meditation techniques

Transcendental meditation allows the active mind to feel natural peace, a peaceful level of consciousness. During TM, the body feels deep rest, and the brain functions with much more coherence. TM technique mines your excessively loaded mind, eliminates stress and fatigue, restoring energy. People who practice this technique achieve better success in both their profession […]

Advantages of TM

1. To overcome stress. Pressure at work, the need to make decisions in time, burning deadlines, ambitious projects that require enormous moral forces – all this is the average picture of today. If your body threatens to move into energy saving mode, and there is no braking when – you will be interested to find […]