Psychological assistance and rehabilitation of civilians and servicemen affected by the full -scale war of Russia against Ukraine.

The David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe is implementing in Ukraine a program of mental rehabilitation of the population affected by the war. The program that has been implemented since 2005 is the official program of rehabilitation of the US military and is part of the psychological rehabilitation group of the military approved by the Pentagon. In addition, we plan to implement programs of mental rehabilitation of other populations, in particular: temporarily displaced persons (civilians), with focus on women and children, persons are released from captivity, persons whose professions have critical psychological load (volunteers, military psychologists, physicians , SES employees, employees in other rehabilitation programs). This work is indefinite, but is measured by annual segments.

We are now focused on working in your area and implementing two big programs. The first program is aimed at individual support of the population

The second program is cooperation with local charitable foundations, public organizations, state structures engaged in psychological rehabilitation of the population of Ukraine.