The great project of cooperation

The David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe announces the launch of a large -scale project aimed at resolving the problem of mental rehabilitation of the population of Ukraine affected by the full -scale war of Russia against Ukraine.

The David Lynch Foundation, in its arsenal, has several rehabilitation programs of different population groups that it has been implementing worldwide since 2007. The basis of these programs is the technique of transcendental meditation. It has been known in the world for over 70 years, spread in 192 countries, has more than 700 research that confirm its effectiveness.

The purpose of all programs is to combat post -traumatic syndrome (PTSD). For years, several programs have been developed to work with different segments of the population.

The main group with which the experts of the Founda work are military personnel. Since 2007, TM practice has been introduced as an official rehabilitation course of US military personnel, war veterans in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. For this work, the David Lynch Foundation has signed a memorandum with the US Ministry of Defense and all expenses for this program are funded directly by the Pentagon.

In addition to working with military personnel, the Fund has developed separate programs for working with women, children under 14 years, a general civilian population. All these programs have scientific justification and hundreds of thousands of positive results around the world.

At this stage, the introduction of programs in Ukraine, the Foundation focuses on the search for regional partners, public organizations, charitable foundations, non -profit structures, state structures that are engaged in the issues of psychological rehabilitation of the population and military personnel of Ukraine. The implementation of this program will be done through cooperation with regional partners. Priority is given to regions:

– with a high concentration of forced displaced persons,

– who were most affected by fighting,

– which are involved as hubs for rotation of servicemen.

In Ukraine, the David Lynch Foundation in Eastern Europe is implementing the same algorithm for this program that it uses in other regions where it operates. The essence of the algorithm is that we are looking for regional partners and signing a memorandum of cooperation with them. The main task of the regional partner is:

  • the formation of population groups according to the criteria of rehabilitation programs (provided to the regional partner after the signing of the memorandum of cooperation),
  • initial information about the rehabilitation program,
  • provision of conditions for the implementation of the program (premises, transport, etc.).

It is important to note that this program will be implemented free of charge, funding is provided from grant programs.

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